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The Law Office of Jennifer Ramos, P.L.L.C. embodies an atmosphere of care and compassion for each and every client.  Ms. Ramos' combined years of experience working with Legal Aid of West Texas (Ft.Worth) and then serving as Managing Attorney at the Denton branch of Legal Aid of Northwest Texas, prepared her for the private practice she began in 2012.  Founded under the principle that everyone deserves fair legal representation, Ms. Ramos’ compassion for those in need, regardless of economic status, is genuine and sincere. As the daughter of parents who dedicated their lives to the service of others, Ms. Ramos was enriched early-on by the love of her father who served as a Baptist minister for forty-five years and her mother who worked as an elementary schoolteacher and cared for the family at home.  Understanding the importance of the love of two parents has allowed Ms. Ramos to incorporate that philosophy and influence into the settlement procedures and eventual outcomes of the custody cases she works to resolve. A 1994 graduate of Baylor Law School, Ms. Ramos gained practical experience working in family law as a law clerk with the Office of the Attorney General as well as other private firms.  It was during her clerkships that she developed a passion for family law and she brings to her practice today, a strong belief that every person who enters the justice system deserves the best possible representation. Ms. Ramos has enjoyed a rich cultural background, which includes numerous trips to Latin America. Her strong bilingual skills make her a tremendous asset to those whose primary language is Spanish.  

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