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Wills and Estates

Development of an estate plan is encouraged at any age and includes individuals of any status. It is never too early to establish the documentation to legally support your choices and those decisions impacting your future and that of your loved ones. Taking the time to talk with aging parents is important in determining the framework for developing an estate plan. It is an effective means of seeing that one's wishes are adhered to under their own direction. This process begins by engaging in open discussions which allow for clear and honest exchanges between family members. Estate planning not only allows you to make your own decisions; it also serves as a means of protection in the case or death or debilitation. "Death is not just a personal issue," says Ms. Ramos. "It's a legal one as well, with significant ramifications." Courts have the authority to determine the heirs of the estate and distribute the assets accordingly, should a will not be in place. Powers of Attorney, Advance Healthcare Directives, guardianships and more, can be drafted and established easily and conveniently by scheduling an appointment with The Law Office of Jennifer Ramos, P.L.L.C.

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Areas of Practice

Family Law

Understanding the complexities of family law issues and the disputes that often arise from within the proceedings, requires an attorney with a thorough understanding of the law and a commitment to seeing that the parties are fairly served with respect and honor. Marriage dissolution and custody matters can evoke strong emotions from both sides of the case, and it is imperative to have a competent and experienced lawyer advocating for you and your interests with a calm resolve. Ms. Ramos understands that the issues inherent in divorce and custody cases impact families and affect lives, and she works diligently toward the goal of achieving positive results for her clients. The Law Office of Jennifer Ramos, P.L.L.C. strives to provide clients with the strong support system necessary during this difficult time.

Our Family services include:

  • Adoptions

  • Alimony/Alimony Defense

  • Child Custody/Support/Visitation

  • Dissolution of Marriage (Contested and Uncontested)

  • Marital Settlement Agreements

  • Modifications of Child Custody and Visitation

  • Modifications of Child Support and Alimony

  • Paternity

  • Pre & Postnuptial Agreements

  • Property Distribution

 Our Probate services include:

  • Power of Attorney for Health Care--Advance Healthcare Directives

  • Living Will

  • Statutory Power of Attorney

  • Wills & Simple Estate Planning

  • Guardianship